Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Patrick & Tia

As most of you know Tia and I launch into our new life together on October 7th. With this has come a new life long missional partner. We've created a new website to represent this for Tia and I - www.PatrickandTia.com featuring our "Life & Mission". Tia and I will be pursuing the call to missions together. So this site will replace my www.jpatrickkennedy.com site and will be the principle landing site for our life! We've been working hard to get it out ASAP and hope that we will be able to connect you to the things that matter most to us in our "Life & Mission". I will also be keeping this blog site and will probably restructure it to be a landing page for my personal insights in the mission field and adventures.

This month is also a formidable support building season. We have some important goals we need to meet in bolstering our Support Team. This team is a critical piece to fueling the ministry that God has called us too. Thank You to those who have been able to investment so far. We are honored and would be grateful for your prayers and continued giving in a growing and strengthening season.

Some important points to pray for:

  • That we would connect with those that God is highlighting to us.
  • That we would have clear communication and understanding, being like minded in Christ.
  • That we would be bold and have confidence in our appeals.
Matt 10:11-14
Isaiah 54:2-3
Philippians 1:9-10 MSG


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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How it All Turned Out

You may be wondering..."How did Heaven Fest turn out?" Well it was the BIGGEST festival yet with over a week of continuous worship and prayer (170 hours) leading into the festival day, turning out 32,900 attendees and raising four hundred and fifty thousand ($450,000) for the poor, hungry, and exploited. YES! It was massive, it was mind blowing, and it was challenging, and God had His way! THANK YOU for your support and prayers.

View more Heaven Fest pictures here!

How did that Riot Poem event do?
Riot Poem was wildely successful! People were piling out the doors. We SOLD OUT of our featured shirt by Nanda Correa "We Must Be Free". It was almost hard to believe, but it really was a God orchestrated event, so I don't know why I'm surprised? It's very exciting and a great way to kickstart movement for the Art and Justice League. So many people contributed time, money, and resources to the event from Eric with Two Rivers Coffee to the printing crew donating time to print shirts, to the volunteers that came to shoot photography, paint, and sell shirts. This truely made it a community wide event and thus lots of people came out from the community. The Arvada Press, a local city paper even wrote a short piece on the event leading into the night. Pretty amazing and a lot of FUN!

See more pictures here!


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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Introducing the Littleton Tent

In August the Littleton Tent was launched! You know you're a part of a movement when you hardly have to lift a finger to see it grow! About five months ago I met with Joshua a local worship pastor with the Littleton Vineyard. He has been stirred up to see unity and transformation in his city and now he is leading the charge in Littleton to see spaces set aside for continuous worship and prayer. On August 26 - 27 Littleton raised the Tent for 24 hours. I spent the last 2 hours in the Tent closing it out with Joshua - it was Awesome! Check it out www.LittletonTent.com
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::Skate Ministry Video Project::

This is the story of Uriel Luebcke and his Skate Ministry - www.SkateMinistry.org - Uriel is a professional skate boarder, evangelist, and missionary. He has been reaching out to the skate culture for 12 years. He is currently the pastor of a skate church in Arvada, CO.



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